DevSpace – Ubuntu 14.04 Vagrant Box for LAMP stack development environment

DevSpace Vagrant is a simple Ubuntu Trusty64 vagrant configuration for LAMP stack developers which also includes many related modern development tools.

Ubuntu 14.04 Vagrant Box – DevSpace

This vagrant use ubuntu/trusty64 from Atlas Vagrant Box. On your ‘vagrant up’ command, this vagrantfile will automatically download the box. Vagrant folder here contain a file which provision the vagrant box.

You need to place your projects in projects directory. This directory is synced with /var/www/htmldirectory in the virtual machine. This project folder also contain a config folder which is used during the provisioning.

This vagrant box is configured to use ‘1024mb’ of RAM and 1 Cpu. You can change ths configuration from Vagrantfile.

DevSpace Vagrant Installation

Install via Git

To use DevSpace vagrant, clone this github repo

$ git clone

to your mac/pc/linux. When clone is complete, go to the `devspace` and now you are ready to use your Virtual Machine.


Start the VM

$ cd /devspace
$ vagrant up

First time of your ‘vagrant up’ will provision the vagrant. You can see the status of your VM from You can check the `phpinfo` from

List of Packages in DevSpace Vagrant

  • Apache2
  • PHP 5.6.7
  • MySQL 5.5.41
  • Git 1.9
  • Composer
  • Nodejs
  • NPM
  • Bower
  • Gulp


You must have Vagrant and VirtualBox installed in your pc.

Default Credentials

These are credentials setup by default.

Host Address: – Hose: (Change in Vagrantfile if you like)

SSH: vagrant / vagrant

MySQL: root/root
– Host: localhost
– Port: 3306

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