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Start of my Passive Income With Amazon Affiliate Program

First I learned about Passive income around 2011. I read Pat Flynn and Darren Rowse at that time but unfortunately I wasn’t convinced and didn’t believe in. Without realizing the future, Without calculating 5 future steps, I continue to my regular life.

The Knock of Passive Income

In last August 2016, I read two books related to Financial Freedom, Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and MONEY Master the Game: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom by Tony Robbins. This two books gave me so much motivation and reasons that I decided to do something more than a regular job, which can free me in future from the chains of the job for the rest of my life.

My Start with Amazon Affiliate

I was searching without any idea what can be done to start a passive income. In the process, I get many ideas like

  • Affiliate Program in Amazon – most popular
  • CJ (Commission Junkie) Affiliate Program
  • Selling Kindle Books
  • Designing Tshirts in teespring.com
  • Invest in Property – not for me, this is for big shots
  • and few more

I have also found many blogs like Cloud Living, Passive Journal, etc and Cloud Living community is one of the best. I knew about Smart Passive Income before but only now I also studied it well. From many passive income ideas, I choose Amazon Affiliate program first as I am a web developer and it’s very easy for me to start. I buy the domain at August, hire a guy to write content and publish the first site at 1st week of September 2016.

First milestone: $100 In a Month

Today, 29 November 2016; I hit $100 in a month from the site. The value of the number is much higher than the value of the currency.

passive income from amazon, ariufl haque
$100.00 plus passive income in a month from Amazon Affiliate Site

The growth of the sale and revenue is way better than my expectation. Now I know, I can get this $100 each day if I stay focused and work hard and I can be in a place where I dreamed of being.

amazon passive income sale, ariful haque
The growth of my site in 3 months! Impressive to me!

My struggle and help

I need to work on the site along with my day job, masters study, family, and one-year-old kid. So I work at night and go to sleep at 5am and wake up at 10am. I am into a remote job, so I can start the office at 10/10.30am. Still now savings is a dream to me, I don’t have enough money to invest as I need and I am not an expert writer. Technical things I can handle, but content, themes, plugins, SEO, Backlinks, I need to pay for that. I don’t have a thing that I can sell, collect some money and invest in my site. My wife realized my frustration and she becomes my partner in business too. She started investing here from October 2016 from her Scholarship in P.hD. She also realized this can be our ultimate family business and we can have the life we want.

hard work in passive income
Only hard work and passion can take you to the top of Mount Everest

I am full of confidence today and I know anyone determined to do something better, s/he can do it. You need to work hard and climb to stand at the top of Mount Everest, so I started my journey and I hope I’ll keep sharing my updates here in my blog.

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